Wednesday 21 February 8.00 pm Invisible Photography Adrian Davies

Visible light is only part of the electromagnetic spectrum distinguished by what our eyes are sensitive to. However some organisms are sensitive to longer wavelengths (infra-red light) and/or shorter wavelengths (ultra-violet light). By photography in these regions we can see what birds and insects see.

Wednesday 20 March 8.00 pm Birding on the World's Remote Islands Keith Betton

Members will remember the talks by Keith on the Red Kite and Peregrine Falcon. This time Keith will illustrate his bird watching on some of the many islands between Argentina and New Zealand.

Wednesday 17 April 8.00 pm

The History of the Allotment Movement in England Judy Hill

In 1841 Thomas Martin founded the Reigate Cottage Gardeners Society which provided twelve allotments near Reigate. This was part of a movement that started mainly in the 19th century. By 1873 there were 243000 allotments, rising to 600000 by 1913 and peaking at 1.5 million during the First World War. In the Second World War it peaked at 1.75 million. A new peak arose during the Covid-19 pandemic. Judy will explain the origin with events such as the swing riots of the 18th century and its later history.

Wednesday 15 May 8.00 pm Space4Nature Andrew Jamieson

Space4Nature is a three-year project that will see the University of Surrey and the Surrey Wildlife Trust working in partnership with Buglife and the Painshill Park Trust. The team will enlist the help of the public to inform their work in the newly emerging field of Earth Observation, combining satellite technology and artificial intelligence to monitor and improve wildlife habitats.


Details to follow of this year's excursion programme

Lecture nights

On lecture nights members are welcome to display any exhibits or report any interesting observations before the lecture starts. This does not need to be related to the subject of the talk.

Members are also invited to stay for tea or coffee and biscuits after the lecture.

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